Silence’s scream.

My skin’s more blue than white. Eyes reflecting those of a resident of hell. Out of fear. Out of pain. Of those sleepless nights. Those nights whose silence echoed with my screams. Those nights which were nightmares alive. Nights whose daylight never knocked ever again. Why is it that I am killed every day? My happiness choked? I was told my life would change forever. It did. But, to be changed into the life where dreams come true, not where nightmares haunt even when the Sun was out. Why is it that even my likes inflict pain on me? Why is it that my acceptance isn’t valued till it’s packaged in gold? Why is it that all my breaths are punished with agony? Why is it that my worth is less than none? Why is it that my smile never touches my eyes? Why is it that every beat of my heart bursts with trauma and terror? Why is it that my tears are dried up when my eyes still scream? Why is that all the makeup in the world can’t hide my torture? Why is it so hard for you to think of me as a human, as equal? Why is it that this relation is of love just for the namesake? Why is that you promised me brightness when all you wanted to do was drown me in darkness? Why…


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