With the vast sea clearly dancing with the sky and, the wind with my white color cotton shirt, I wonder. Wonder as my sugar-less coffee fills me. As the clouds fill the domes of heaven. As dreams fill our nights.


Do you have any?

Do you think dreams are only seen when we’re in the state of subconscious peace? When we’re disconnected?

A dream is not something that you get in sleep. It is something that will not let you sleep.

You know, I think a dream is something that gives meaning to what we do or want to do. It gives meaning to our goals, our desires; everything we’re probably thriving to want to do or so in some way or the other.

And our hope gives meaning to our dreams.

Our faith in that dream adds life to it. IS the life of it.

So what if it’s silly? What if it’s out of the box? Out the world? What if it’s difficult? Unconventional?

You work for it. Have faith in it. A dream doesn’t end with dreaming. It starts from there.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

A dream isn’t something that puts you to sleep; it’s the reason that makes you rise every morning.

Yes, there are going to be times when you’re going to question your dream. It’s validity. It’s sanity. You’ll have your breaking points alright.

But hey, where’s the fun in an easy win? What’s the point of getting whatever you’ve ever wanted without working for it; fighting for it?

If there are hardships and obstacles in your way; rest assured that you’re going the right way.

Dreams are the purity of our beliefs. Of our faiths. In us.

Happy is the heart that dreams. Fulfilled is the dream that has hope.

So don’t lose your hope. Don’t lose your faith.

‘Cause faith is the only thing stronger than fear.  


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