Old Bonds That Caught Dust…


“Hey! Yeah?”

“Where’ you lost?”

She sat there, crouched and folded in herself amongst boxes of age old treasures of the heart; memories of the heart.

“Remember Asher?”

“Asher who? Oh wait. You mean The Asher? The Asher of high school? Your best friend?”

“Haha. Yes, him.”

“What about him?”

“I just found our Grade 1 class photograph; he had a mushroom cut back then.”

She could hide the glint of mischief from her eyes that crept up as a an evil curl of her pink lips. She remembers his fuss over hair. How he’d get dimples even while he frowned. It was something quite adorable. And she’d always laugh. Which, by the way, infuriated him all the more, deepening the dimple and her giggles further. A voice broke into her reverie, swatting at the fog of memories.

“What happened of him, by the way?”


“What happened to him after that?”

“After what?”

“High School, of course.”

“Oh. Right. I don’t know.”


“I don’t-”

“I got that, silly. But why?”

“Um. He moved to California to pursue Business Studies. I came here to Delhi to study Architecture. We were in touch after that. For a while. And then, I guess we somehow sort of lost touch after that.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

“You never tried searching for him? You were pretty close.”

“I never thought that past tense would come between us… I did, actually. Try searching for him, that is. But, last I heard was that his entire family’s relocated somewhere in the Middle East.”

“Hm. I got you coffee, by the way. I’m leaving it on your desk.”

“Haan. Thanks.”

She got back to her trance of memories that entwined her soul to her heart in delicate threads of fondness.  Sipping her coffee leisurely, she didn’t know how time passed by, it felt like it had paused to a heartbeat, traveling down the corridors of memories that had caught dust in the race of life. Where was Asher…?

Sipping her coffee, she heard her phone create an earthquake on her bed as a new message seemed to notify and break her trance yet again.

“Say, Dri. Does becoming a high in demand architect who’s bringing about revolutionary changes to planning cause you to forget your Till Death Do Us Apart friendships? I’m back in town for a conference. Hard Rock Cafe at 7p.m. tonight. No, I’m not asking you. I take full privilege of our friendship in demanding that.
Dimple Akdhoo.”

She didn’t know if the Universe was mocking her or was it being a Jeanie. 

There he was, all suited-booted in the middle of a speech, showing off his dimples. Social media. She’d been reluctant to join it. Because of time. But then, time. The changing times demanded her to change her decision.

She couldn’t stop herself from laughing at the dramatic-ness of the whole thing. It all seemed to be like one of those Bollywood movies they used to watch on Midnight Thursday Movie Nights. Or like those cliché novels that her heart would pour out to through her eyes, and he’d make sure to just be a silent contributor to her library. She felt her coffee send warm shivers through her body of the nights under the canopy of the Universe as they warmed themselves a bit more with brewing coffee along with the warmth of feeling of the silent presence whose words echoed through the night till sunset. 

There was a certain thrill that made her bolt up like lighting.

And a certain realization.

7p.m? That was just half an hour away. 

She didn’t know what excited her more; meeting Asher after 8 years or breaking her best friend’s nose for vanishing for 8 years…


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