The Sleeping Awake.

You know, there’s something about society that amuses me a lot. And our approach to it? Even more.

It’s not just its norms or taboos exactly. But our perspective of those.

People manage to ridicule the society very easily. You don’t need to hunt down examples. Just look around a bit, you’ll find them. You could probably be one too.

For example, when you’re feeling bad for that old man who’s being mistreated by his children or grandchildren out there in public, or maybe even if he’s having diner all alone in the table diagonal to yours in a restaurant. You talk about his bad luck and fate and all that. But do you do something about it? Would you confront those mistreating him? Would you go join him for diner? Nah, none of our business.

Or remember that time when those boys were fighting like animals and were brutally going at each other? A crowd would soon gather around them. There’d be jeering. There’d be Ooh’s and Ah’s too. Oh and, some might even start filming it. But does anyone do anything about the fight when they see it? One, random guys. Two, this doesn’t affect my life. So? So, obviously it’s none of our business!

Oh. How about that time when your boss humiliates your colleague in front of the entire office. Or even when your teacher does that to your classmate in front of the entire class. Oh and, it wasn’t justified. We definitely go console that colleague or classmate afterwards. But what about when this humiliation was happening? Did you do anything about? Aye man, why put ourselves in trouble for someone else? Their problem, they’ll handle it. None of our business.


Remember those articles you read and wonder what’s wrong with the society?

None of their business.

When you’re stranded in the middle of the road and you need to get back home but you can’t find any decent ride?

None of their business.

When you’re getting bullied by your peers or seniors and everyone behaves like they never saw anything or it never even happened?

None of their business.

When something’s wrong, we’re always ready pounce on the society. Find something in it and blame it on that. Curse its mentality. Curse the people living in it.

And where do we live exactly?

We’ve shamed society so many times. We talk about rebels who go against society. We talk about how we’re different from it.

But still, none our business…

We often forget that the society we so easily ridicule as outsiders is also the society we are a part of.

Want to see a change? Stop waiting for it, be it.

Think an idea’s good? Spread it.

Seeing something wrong happen? Raise your voice and stop.

Whatever happens, don’t just sit and stare and form opinions; do something about it.

It IS our business.

What happens of the society, to the society and in the society? That is our business.

No, I’m not neglecting your individuality. Your individuality is your identity in this society; in your society.

We’re the individuals that form the society. And if we’re not going to do anything about it, who is?


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