That Shoulder. That Voice.

I sat there. Defeated. Lost. Alone. Not a shoulder to cry on. Not a soul to wipe my tears. I sat there. Anguished. I’d let them all go. No, they’d left me. I’d never meant anything to them. Nothing at all. I was just that girl who’d be the shoulder they’d cry on. Open arms they could cry into. The voice that could make them laugh. And nothing else. I was just that girl who was always there for them. Just that.

I craved for all that. But that thirst was never satisfied. Until then. Until the time you came by. Till the time you stood there beside me. Silent and strong. Became that shoulder. Those open arms. That voice.

You’re replies. Their timing. They’d make me laugh even when I’d want to slap you! Those tired yet fresh ‘Yes, I’m here’s. Anytime. Everytime. Always. You were always there. Just there. Those late night talks. Those teasings. Those walks. Really. Need I say more?

I’d go on. Endlessly. Through time. Through the moments. Through the past. I could go on. Through the lost gift you returned. The gift I’d craved for. That trust. That patience. That confidence. That friendship. That friendship I’d died for through the ages. That friendship that brought a smile to my face. I could go on. About your stupidity. About your jokes. About your dreams. I could go on. And on.

About you…


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