The Forever Changing

She sat there. All alone. Silent. Lost. Yet the world was alive around her. Happy. Rejoicing. Singing and dancing. The world around her was abuzz. They knew everything. Yet so unaware. Of what was happening amongst them. To one of them. They were oblivious. Least bothered. The sadness that lingered in her eyes against her smiling lips. Those shattered mirrors that reflected from her face. They were oblivious to them all. Somehow they were seen yet unseen. Those unspoken mysteries. Those unspoken doubts.

How funny she thought. How funny that once upon a time somebody’s life revolved around you. You’d mean a lot to them. Almost everything. And then, the very next moment, you’re nothing. Absolutely nothing. Someone else becomes their axis. Someone else becomes their world. All of sudden your moments aren’t yours anymore. All of sudden you’ve just vanished into thin air. You’ve become invisible. To that one person. To the world. How strange.

It doesn’t take people even a second to change sides. To forget you. To throw you into trash. Like you’re useless. Like you’re nothing. It took them just a fraction of second to tell you. That youโ€™re worth nothing.


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