Some stories take a lifetime to complete

Some, a breath.

Some stories leave your heart all warm and floating

Some, leave you with an ache that fills you with hollowness from within.

Some stories are made to happen

Some, just happen.

Some stories are of lives

Some, create life.

Some stories have a destination

Some, are the journey.

There’s a story in everything

Small life, big life,

Life or even no life

There’s a story in a story;

Story from a story;

Story to a story.

Be it a baby’s cry or, a lover’s laugh

The dancing raindrops or vibrant rainbows

There’s a story

Be it inanimate or major

There’s a story

It doesn’t take a first or a last for a story to happen

A story exists anyways

In moment, in breaths

In absolutes, in nothingness

In seconds, thirds…

In infinities.

Some stories get over

In that moment, in that minute.

In a few chapters, in a lifetime

But some?

A lifetime of moments, a lifetime of minutes

A lifetime of chapters, a lifetime of lifetimes

Infinities and, infinities within infinities

And they’ll never end

Because some stories are just eternal

And perhaps that,

Too has a story…


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