Rant #1 : It’s okay.

You know, there’s this major problem that we’re all facing.


To not be in acceptance.

You’re having anxiety issues? It’s okay.

You’re anorexic? It’s okay.

You’re having problems at home? It’s okay.

You have flaws? It’s okay.

It’s. OKAY.

We need to start understanding that’s it’s okay to have flaws; we’re supposed to have flaws.

And it’s at that very moment of acceptance that you’ll know that it’s not okay.

It’s not okay to let it be.

You need help? It’s okay.

Medication? Consultation? Crying? Venting out? It’s okay.

It’s a weird contrast but, that’s okay.

We’re all so stuck up in perfection. But no one realizes that perfection doesn’t exist as general. What is perfection? What seems legit to your neighbour? What some celebrity says? What’s written in the contents of a magazine? What’s perfect? Who’s perfect? And why? How can you justify that as perfect? Perfection is self defined. It varies from person to person. Perfection is when it justifies your soul; when your soul approves of it. NOT when the society does.

And perfection doesn’t mean flawless. Honestly.

And that’s where we come back to being in denial. Where we lack acceptance. Accept your flaws. We’re human. You can’t have a mountain without any valleys around it. We’re not a making of our privileges. We’re a package of our flaws too. We forget that our flaws are a PART of us; that they play a crucial role in Making us Who we Are.

And the moment you accept that? You’re perfect.

We’re all too busy living up to our names. No one’s living up to their soul. But we don’t understand that our name doesn’t define us; WE define our names. Don’t let your name give you meaning, give your name its meaning.


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