Rant #2 : Expiry Date.

You know what?

It baffles me. How people can just stop feeling something – any sort of emotion – for someone all of a sudden.

One moment you’re feeling something. The next moment we’re justifying how we feel the contrary of that. Friends are drifting apart. Relationships aren’t lasting. Suddenly, relations are coming with an expiry date.

But honestly, is that what we’re finally left with? Relations being equivalent to products that we use in our daily life? So that when one’s expiry date is up, we throw it – if it hasn’t been used up completely till then – and then just get another of the same time and use that till that one’s expiry date?

I think we get tired really easily. We give up far too easily. Had a fight? Fine, let’s stop talking. Didn’t talk for a while? Let’s not understand that the person was occupied with something important. Having a rocky phase? Let’s call it quits. It’s so easy to break relations these days. We’re so used to just buying new things that we’ve forgotten what it is to mend and repair things.

We’re a set of confused. We defend living in the moment by calling the future a mystery. But at the same time, we worry about the future and constrain ourselves from the moments we get in the present. Without realizing that our current moments build up to the future. We want things that grow with time but we don’t want to give time.

We say emotions and practicality can’t coexist. We like to give our fears the masks of practicality. We’re the “logical” generation. We “move with time”. We’re all ready to “move on” but not “move with”. We’re all wanting time and chances but we don’t give either. We look for certain attributes in others but never think about having those instead. We’re all looking at the big picture. In fact, ONLY the big picture. We’ve lost our love for small, minute things. We’ve lost the talent to appreciate the beauty of details. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to swim in the deep because it’s easier staying afloat in the shallow.

We’re a bunch of selfish people who are awfully scared. We’re scared to fall. We’re scared to get attached. We’re scared to let people in. We’re scared to trust. We’re scared to connect. Why? Because we don’t want to get hurt. Because we don’t have the time to heal. We’re running. We’re just running behind ourselves, for ourselves without making ourselves. It’s suddenly just about I, me, myself. We revolve only around that. Suddenly the words like, us and we don’t exist. Why? Because we feel that threatens our individuality. But you know what? It doesn’t. We forget that relations are a part of us; a part of our life, NOT our life. We’re scared that they’ll define us when it’s Us who define our relations. Bonds are meant to connect people, they’re not meant for bondage.


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