To Find, Without Searching


Some faces

Stand out in a crowd.

You don’t search for it

Yet, you’ll always find it

Midway of a laugh

Or lost in thought.

And so my eyes always

Found your face

Without trying

Without searching.

You laugh sings

In my ears

Amongst the chaotic crowd

As my face drowned

In this very crowd

For your eyes.

I see you shake hands

With the hands I once held

And my heart sighs

In regret.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have

Let go of your hand the other day

As my phone rang

In the depths of my bag.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have

Stopped myself from hugging you

That night we had a fight

As we bid good night.

Perhaps I should have

Given you more.

Perhaps I should have

Shown you the love

I’d kept guarded

Within my walls.

Because now,

I may never.

And you’ve become

The face my eyes

Will always find

Without searching.


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