Daddy’s Little Girl

My hair’s drenched,
Cleansed with the scents of lavender
Dripping off, lining my nape with rainbows
As the two o’clock sun dances with it.
The blow dryer does a decent job but,
Nothing dries my rebellious curls
Better than you

As I’d stand in front of you with scented hair
Sprawled all over my face
While you’d be sipping away at your weekend cup of tea.
I was always the coffee person,
And the fourteen year old me took pride
In making your best cup of coffee.
The eighteen year old me still does.
Mutterings of discipline and time;
Dinners served with debate;
You see, you taught me
And you taught me to teach myself.
You’ve blown wind under my wings,
Letting me fly,
Letting me fall and, fly again
And sometimes reminding me
Of the ground, never to leave behind.
Good night pecks and, morning walks;
Breakfast and, homework;
Pampering and, valuing;
You taught me balance along with calculus.
And though they say I’m Ma’s reflection,
I’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.


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