This Is Where You Left

This is where you left.

An alley behind the quarters; a place away from the crowd. Overgrown gardens and homely vehicles.

You’d worn grey and I, black. We were dressed in mourning as the weather mirrored the coldness. It was after a time away that we’d met. Sometime after the New Year’s with the families. You had your hands buried deep inside your pockets while you spoke and I; I was sitting on the pavement for my body wasn’t strong enough to support my exhausted mind. There were small talks and talks of catching up on the other. You asked me how I was and I asked you how your trip went. I rambled to stop myself from crying and, you heard me quietly. I don’t know if your mind was exhausted or not, but we were sitting on the pavement; you with your knees to your chest and me cross legged.

With distance in between.

You started talking and I… My eyes could only drink you in for they knew it was the last time they’d see you watching me the way you did with those dark brown eyes. I tried by hearting you but my hazel didn’t have their glasses that was buried somewhere deep in the bag that lay lightly against my spine. You spoke a bit more. And I; I could only listen to the screams of my heart as your words cut deep in to it.

You said you didn’t want to do this anymore and asked me what I thought. We decided it was best we broke our us to you and, me. You looked at me to check if I were okay. But my hazel couldn’t look at your brown as I said I was.

We walked together till we couldn’t walk together anymore. You went your way and I, mine.

This is where you left. I come back here sometimes, while the twelve o’clock sun is out. And my body still isn’t strong enough to support my tired mind. And the pavement is still there for me to sit down cross legged on. But this time I don’t have you; just your memories.

This is where you left.



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