It’s Been A While

Say, have you looked up at the sky tonight?

The stars are bright and,

The moon is new.

It’s an hour past midnight

And I’m sipping cold coffee

This winter night.

The black pashmina hugs me tight

As the wind makes it presence felt.

But what is cold to a body

That houses a numb heart?

Your letter lies beside me,

Silent amidst all the words.

It’s the tenth time –

I can recite it in my sleep now –

And it still pricks me,

Reminding me of the human

I buried deep inside the ice.

It’s been a while,

We act like it never happened,

Laughing at the daily banter of the day

Sometime after dinner

As we walk by bushes and benches.

I saw you slip into normalcy

As I pasted a smile on my face.

You didn’t understand my agony,

I didn’t understand your indifference.

It’s been a while,

We act like it never happened,

Buying fruits at a roadside stall

Sometime before the sun sinks.

Your New Year’s card

Is a few lines of cheeky wishes

And a few lines of irony

As your memory haunts me

Every New Year,

Of the wound I never saw coming.

It’s been a while,

And you’re browsing through apps

Absent minded,

As I’m sitting in front of you,

And I don’t think I could go on longer.

For you threw it away and

Acted like it never happened

While I got thrown away and

Acted like the wounds never hurt

But they’re catching up now

As this body

Tried housing a numb heart.


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