Monochrome Pictures

The nude sandals

Hiding my red tan

Have caught my attention

As I wait for the nurse

To call me.

The air smells

Different in here;

Perhaps it’s the hospital,

Perhaps it’s my head

But the air smells

Different in here.

It’s been an hour

And I haven’t heard

The white shoes

Pace down the hallway

Into the waiting room.

There’s a lady

In navy blue,

With a man

In a grey three piece.

We lock eyes

For three seconds

And her wine lips

Curve into a smile

That adds softness

To those thundering eyes.

Three seconds,

And the white shoes

Are here

To lead my nude sandals

Down the hallway

And then, to the right.

I’m lying down

In baby green

As the doctor

Spreads a cool gel

Over my belly

Painting your picture

On a tiny screen.

I’ve walked out

In baby blue

And black jeans.

There’s no one

In a grey three piece

Beside me,

But I’m holding on

To a brown file

With a monochrome picture

Full of colours

In my hand.


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