Over Two Cups And Another

We’ve made small talk

And bits about ourselves

Over two cups of tea

And one coffee

Along with three trays

Of dishes

That took the whole

Of afternoon to cook.

You’ve worn a

Pastel blue shirt with a

Pair of mahogany pants,

That add an edge

To your long face,

Making your wild curls

Fall softly.

You enjoy the outdoors,

Perhaps the thirst

Of a globetrotter;

I can say

By the tanned blush

Over your otherwise

Pale skin.

It’s been three hours,

We’ve made small talk

And bits about ourselves,

And I’m waiting

For you to say

What three other said

“She’s a wonderful girl,

She’s very beautiful and

We like her but,

She’s a bit too dark.”

What three other

Who claimed the horizon

For a mindset.

And so I waited,

Once more,

As you glanced

Towards the woman

You share the bond

Of a forever,

Confiding in her

For the bond to be built

To a forever,

Bracing myself

For the justification

That fairness creams

Bathed in,

Building societies

On the broken souls

Of tender skin and,

Abused beauty.

All you did

Was look at her,

As you sipped the

Coffee grown cold.

She looked at me first

Then at my parents,

Who had the same thoughts

Running all over their heart,

As mine –

Perhaps they’ll ask

For time,

To think over and

Let us know later;

Let us know that

I was good

But my complexion wasn’t –

“She’s a wonderful girl,

We like her very much.

What’s your say?”

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