It’s a quarter away from seven and the skies are whispering rain. We’re on a patch of green that almost caresses my bare feet as we walk along aimlessly to a spot empty enough to huddle five. You can feel the wind brush your hair away with the taste of thunder on its tongue.

There’s a lot of giggling and teasing, I can tell. But the air has caught my mind and all I see is laughing faces with words that hold no meaning to me. I fall back gently with my knees in the air and feet in a tight embrace of the lush grass. I close my eyes as I hum a tune whose tongue only I know. I can hear the birds chirping and it’s almost as though they’ve caught my tune and are singing along. I open my eyes and not too far away, there’s a canopy of fairy lights in white that mimics the night. The sky is quite the ballad. With the stars of today being nothing but the ghosts from a yesterday. And the moon a destination every lover marks with no intention of reaching. Do you see the irony in our choices? I swing my legs to the right as I plank myself on my left elbow to look at the faces that have become familiar. And just then, I feel grief. A grief that is a part of me, yet that feels distant. My eyes catch another pair, and I smile wide. I can tell they’re about to question mine but, I look away before they could. The weather is nice and for all that matters, I’m lost here and nowhere else.

We’re liars of the finest kind, we are. And the stupidest of them all too. We wear them like knowledge only to mask the hypocrisy we bathe in. We romanticize the stars and the past in stories while trying to shed our own like snake skin in reality. I get up and walk towards the end, where the grass ends and the sand begins and merges into the sea. I leave behind my slippers as I step into the cool sea as the waves promise my anklets with the stars and moon, of returning with every kiss goodbye. A promise that is made and broken infinitely. I take another step as the wind picks up pace. I turn back and look at the faces that now feel familiar. These are laughters I recognize today. And perhaps today, I won’t try shedding my past. No. Perhaps today, I’ll bring a candle over the places I clawed and sew them together. Perhaps today, I will not run. Just perhaps, today, I will embrace them like a part of me. Like a path I walked to reach today.


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