Tunes Of Yesterday

The streets are empty

With nothing but yellow shadows

And empty cars.

There’s the second last bus home

Making its way to me, adding white

To the yellow shadows.


The bus is empty

With no one except me

And three men of labour.

It’s a long way home

With the sound of wheels

Exhausted snores and,

Light drizzle.


I plug in the radio –

They’re playing Asha and Rafi.

It’s the one with the

Singing lighter –

Abhi Na Jaao Chhod Kar

Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin…

And I’ve subconsciously started

Singing along to it.


I lean back and sink a little

Into the red seat of rexine

Closing my eyes and,

Crossing my legs

As the songs start singing Lata.

Lag Ja Gale

Ke Phir Ye

Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho…


They’ve named this show

“Sunheri Yaadein” –

Golden Memories.

There are chords in my heart that

I didn’t know could be struck

Till I felt the memories

Hum through my fingertips on my thigh.


I can see home nearby through the raindrops.

I step out, making my way there

With a tune of yesterday in my walk,

Humming a song I’d caught this afternoon;

If love can be and still be lonely,

Where does that leave me and you?

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