Over Lunch And Some More

We fell in love

Over lunch;

Of toasted garlic bread,

Cheese sprinkled garden salad

Filled with cherry tomatoes and,

Arrabiata served in sesame bread bowl,

Accompanied with one round of

Water infused with the scent of mint

Floating in the jar and,

One round of peach tea;

Over brainstorming ideas

For the empty billboard

Across the street.

We fell in love

Till the moon glowed full,

And the tides rose to peaks,

Talking about cultural norms

And oldest hobbies.

You told me how

You loved walking

Barefoot on the beach

But felt uncomfortable

Barefoot on wet grass –

Or any grass for that matter.

You heard how

I loved the water

But didn’t know how to swim.

We talked some a lot more

About mundane and not;

About science and art and;

About advices we’d give ourselves

Yesterday and tomorrow.

We talked till we reached

The junction from where

You went to the society

With the swimming pool,

And I to the society

With the children’s park;

From where we went home

To love

Ancient and, routine,

Defining home.

A home

Where our love

Died and lived

Into a dream

You didn’t think you’d fall asleep into

And wake up the next morning

With faded details and

A warm memory.

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