The sun is still a few hours from setting;

A few hours before the kids come to the park

And compel us to handover the swings to them.

We swing in opposite directions

Till we eventually pendulum in the same pattern.

We have a few hours before the shrines sing out together

In harmony.

You ask me why we’re waiting and I ask you the same.

You ask me if I’m nervous and I ask you the same.

We laugh and look away thinking the same answer.

I’ve only told you of the happy stories the past few weeks

Trying to paint a picture you’d like;

Placing it under a light that highlighted the beauty

And hid the flaws in its shadows.

You seem to read my mind and reach out

To hold my hand, giving me a smile

To let me know you understood beyond the stories I told.

The afternoon fell over your face that brought out

The brown of your eyes in golden shades,

And characteristics you wore with a smile.

You understood more than I gave you credit for.

I smiled at you a little wider –

Now was not the time for me to get nervous –

And reminded you that there were always going to be

Stories good and bad;

Memories kind and harsh.

I came to this playground as a reaction to every emotion –

Happiness, and grief;

Anxiousness, and excitement;

Success and, failure.

There can be so much linked

To one place,

All you have to do is choose

Which one you wanted to focus on;

Which one mattered at that moment.

So for now, in this moment,

I wanted to show you the love that is there;

Share it with you and

Make you a part of it.

And all the shrines sang

In synchronized agreement.

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