Disney PJs

You looked at peace tucked under two layers of blankets

In your disney pjs and faded grey t-shirt,

Snoring softly in intervals of ten seconds.

You fell asleep mid-conversation,

Lying flat on your stomach with your face at the pillow’s edge

In an angle that left just enough space for me

To sleep in a fetal position.

I nudge you into a more comfortable position

Careful to not wake you up.

You roll over yourself, mumbling in your sleep

A broken apology for taking up space

And then resume snoring periodically.

I tuck in beside you, trying to not laugh too loudly,

To continue the novel I picked up at the airport.

Monsoon’s knocked our windows clean today morning,

As it makes a reappearance tonight.

I lean back on my pillow against the headboard

Letting my story rest for a while against my stomach,

To watch the raindrops race against each other,

And you sleeping beside me, unaware of

The ongoing storm outside and within.

Because for now,

The thunder against you snoring

In disney pjs and a faded grey t-shirt

Was peace embodied.

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