By The Shore

Walk with me,

Will you?

The clouds have cleared out

For the stars and,

The winds have carried

The waves to us.

Tell me your stories

That you drew

On the shore,

After we’ve walked

A mile in

Silence and,

Hummed tunes.

The night feels

Indie played acoustically


As we leave new prints

On the sand

For tomorrow

With the waves stopping

Just before them,

Letting us stay embedded

For a few moments longer.

We tiptoe into the sea


While looking for sea shells,

Continuing our walk

On the course

Where the waves

Could touch us.

Each step

Walks into a


By the sea

As though

The waves carried them

Into the vastness

And brought them

Back to us


We carry

Debatable sea shells,

And consequential sand

On our way back

To goodbye.

But tomorrow

Or another day

When the clouds

Have cleared out

For the stars,

And the sea is at your feet,


That the waves

Have come back for you

With our memories

On its shoulders.

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