I think we’re all a little mad. Some little. Some lots. Some intensely. Some lightly. No one’s not mad. We’re all just different kinds of mad. Uniquely mad in our own way.

I’m all about coffee beans, turpentine, ink bottles, unconventionality and all that jazz. My madness is all about contrasts. Go figure.

Oh, I’m all for insanity alright.

But, I believe in stable insanity. The insanity that’s behind one’s passion. The insanity to do something. To do something right. The insanity that keeps you thirsty. That keeps you going.

I believe in the insanity called life. And that it requires a certain bit; a certain kind of insanity to blissfully complete this sojourn.

It’s quite surreal to be sanely insane. But, I guess that’s what stable madness is about?

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