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Rant #2 : Expiry Date.

You know what?

It baffles me. How people can just stop feeling something – any sort of emotion – for someone all of a sudden.

One moment you’re feeling something. The next moment we’re justifying how we feel the contrary of that. Friends are drifting apart. Relationships aren’t lasting. Suddenly, relations are coming with an expiry date.

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Rant #1 : It’s okay.

You know, there’s this major problem that we’re all facing.


To not be in acceptance.

You’re having anxiety issues? It’s okay.

You’re anorexic? It’s okay.

You’re having problems at home? It’s okay.

You have flaws? It’s okay.

It’s. OKAY.

We need to start understanding that’s it’s okay to have flaws; we’re supposed to have flaws.

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