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Name’s Sake

The five o’clock twilight is right around the corner. You can see it painting the white dining table in hues as though the sun’s hiding behind the black trench coat in the corner of the room like a child with a missing milk tooth. The room smells of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. It’s been two years since I’ve been here and, I never realized how much I missed this place till she opened the mahogany door. Her smile is still the same. It’s just that there’s a few more grey strands and the wrinkles have grown deeper. But the smile is still the same. And she still wears the same shade of red, lined with a subtle maroon, highlighting her cupid’s bow in the most powerful way possible. You’d think she’d be delicate but her hugs embrace you with warmth and firmness. Do you know those hugs that are like a safe haven? The ones that make you feel safe? Like nothing could go wrong? Her hugs were like that; joining every broken fragment within you together.

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That Shoulder. That Voice.

I sat there. Defeated. Lost. Alone. Not a shoulder to cry on. Not a soul to wipe my tears. I sat there. Anguished. I’d let them all go. No, they’d left me. I’d never meant anything to them. Nothing at all. I was just that girl who’d be the shoulder they’d cry on. Open arms they could cry into. The voice that could make them laugh. And nothing else. I was just that girl who was always there for them. Just that.

I craved for all that. But that thirst was never satisfied. Until then. Until the time you came by. Till the time you stood there beside me. Silent and strong. Became that shoulder. Those open arms. That voice.

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The Forever Welcome.

You stood by the door. Perhaps nervous. But reflected nothing but confidence. You were new. In the school. In our lives. You smiled wide. Dazzled us with your caring eyes. You smiled. At our naivety. At our naughty innocence. You smiled. At the beckoning bonding. For a year? Or perhaps, forever? Playing back the days of your baby steps. Your years of previous attachments. Your farewell. You stepped into a world so known yet unknown. But you embraced us. Like we were yours. From forever.  Till forever.

Months have gone by. Priceless moments’ been cherished. Laughed at. Enjoyed. Those shrewd secrets. Those everyday silent parties. Those chit chats. All treasured. To be laughed at again. Till the sun bids adieu. Till the stars stop to sparkle. Till all love is lost. You came in new. But you came to stay forever. Trapped forever. In limitless time. Welcome to our family. To our lives. Welcome to our hearts…