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We stopped two blocks away

To avoid the rivers made last night

Through all the thunders and lightning.

I stepped out first and then took your hand.

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Did You Hear About The Thompsons?

Did you hear about the Thompsons?

Someone saw the ambulance

Blaring the sirens at eight in the evening

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Last Night’s Forecast

The flight’s landed twenty minutes prior to its promise and I can smell last night’s forecast lazing around in the air as I wake up from my much needed, eight o’clock nap. I still don’t care much about how my hair looks after the heavenly slumber treat and trust my French braid to make me look stylish enough to pass off as today’s fashion. But, I subconsciously carry a comb in my bag because Ma liked to redo my hair and part it on the left as, I swung my legs three inches above the floor. I can feel a sting even today just at the memory. Especially today. 

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