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β€œChubby cheeks, dimple chin

Rosy lips, teeth within.

Curly hair, very fair,

Eyes are blue – lovely too.

Is that you?”

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I’ve watched her

Walk past me

In a dance trance

With the music

Of sunrise.

I was six

And she thirty.

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He The Human.

So let’s talk stereotypes. Let’s talk equality.

Day in and day out, we’re all trying to break through some stereotype. Be that against our choice of stream; our generation; our roots and even our gender.

So let’s talk about this last set of stereotypes.

We’re in that age of time where the women have started breaking norms, brushed off stereotypes and are going all out loud for their right; for equality. It’s the age where women empowerment doesn’t sound all that surreal. It’s the age where you’ll be thrashed with glares should you say women are any lesser than men.

But yes, we haven’t reached that point where gender equality has been hence attained, we’re still on the way there. But hell, we’ve come a long way in that journey.

So there’s a little thought that’s fathomed in my mind as we’re going up this ladder…

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