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Don’t be surprised

To see the thorns

On my skin

When you’ve grown me

In mud and gravel. Continue reading Feral


It’s a quarter past midnight

And there’s a comforting peace

Of the night

In the silence of the

Clock and yellow streets.

I step away from the slab Continue reading Knead

Sandalwood And, Jasmines

It’s a quarter from seven

And I don’t feel her

Beside me.

She’s left the chiffon

Over the windows

Just to let the sun

Tease me.

I wake up Continue reading Sandalwood And, Jasmines


You tasted like

An orange popsicle

In mid-summer afternoon

By the lake; Continue reading Senses


I’ve watched her

Walk past me

In a dance trance

With the music

Of sunrise.

I was six

And she thirty.

Continue reading Creation