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Home isn’t always home,

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Chocolate Cake

I asked you the recipe

For a chocolate cake.

You told me the basics –

Measured flour, egg, baking powder, sugar and cocoa,

And chocolate of all types and consistency

As per the heart’s desired.

You told me the secret

To the perfect chocolate cake

Was abundance of chocolate.

So when I ask you about

Coffee and salt,

You think I’m joking.

And when I ask you about


You call me crazy.

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I’m painting your nails while you fill me up on what’s happened over summer and autumn in your life in between sips of a chocolate and peanut butter shake. You wanted something common that would go with any outfit you wore tonight so you chose a metallic black with bits of glitter. A nude would have been bland for your taste; it would be my choice of nails. I’ve locked your fingers with mine because you’re reckless and I was determined to let the paint dry without a smudge this time. You complained about not being able to drink the shake like this before giggling at the possibility of you still managing to get a smudge on the nail-paint. Because of course, that would be classic you and not entirely impossible. But then again, that’s if it were somebody other than me involved in this equation.

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Tell Tale

The rooms lit up in purple with a splash of white from the worded light telling you where you are. There are posters of the 70s, The Beatles, and lyrics of songs you’d look up on your way back home. The wall of mirrors on the left corner would add space to the studio but the illusion is broken with frames in matte bronze, brown and unfitting geometric shapes. You can smell the leather from the couches huddled in the centre with sufficient cushions in different textures of white and, cream.

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