Let It Be

We’re at our favourite spot at our favourite hour. The sun has set but the light is still there through hues and cues. We sit in silence – aware of the underlying tension but too tired from our respective personal spaces to address it tonight. Let it be tonight, we think. Let it be tonight, we act. Let it be.

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In Light

I walked out of the car to an ordinary morning of eight. The sun shone like an hour away from noon but that was the normal of the season. I tried to consciously avoid my affinity towards black during the morning of six but you know what they say, the heart wants what the heart wants. There’s almost a snicker from above before I step into the air-conditioned room that had the ACs switched off overnight and welcomed me to the furnace burning up all night. I’m starting to understand the hype of overnight – or longer – cooked dishes in a rather uncomfortable way.

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It’s a quarter past six in the morning; a quarter before dawn and, I’m allowing myself another hour in the sheets. My reasoning – I have nowhere to rush to. I wait for the alarm that rings two quarters after dawn, contemplating on whether I should switch it off before and get off as per new schedules or wait for it and then proceed to start the day. The conflict is more so on whether I’m confident I won’t let the extra quarters carry me away or would the waiting waste away the extra quarters. I’m not sure if this is considered middle ground but I mute the backup alarms to vibrate and close my eyes to hum a song my tongue turns to by default. The song is of an era a few generations before mine with a trend of today that has preppy beats to melancholic emotions. The tune caught my attention before the lyrics but I hum it more often today for the latter. 

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A Reconnaissance in Rhetorical